Mono Subrotor Range

The Mono Subrotor offers you an alternative to multistage centrifugal borehole pumps.

Unlike the conventional borehole pump which uses centrifugal force as the energy to move the water, the Subrotor uses the progressing cavity rotor/stator principle to draw water up.

Being a helical rotor pump, the Subrotor will produce a steady flow and is not affected by changes in differential pressure either in the bore or on the surface.

Typical Applications

Water supply, Domestic water supply, Agriculture, Waste water weir cleaning.

Features & Benefits:

  • The rotor sweeps the full surface of the rubber stator so it is impossible for growth or iron oxide deposits to develop on the surface
  • The progressing cavity pump principle does not just spin water along, it pushes encapsulated water with positive force, so that ample volume is maintained at high heads
  • Subrotor pumps waste the least possible energy on internal friction, especially compared to multi-stage and jet pumps
  • Electric single or three phase option
  • Hard chrome plated rotor which is 4 times harder than the stainless you find in centrifugal pumps
  • With only one moving part, the rotor, the pump is easy to maintain with just a wrench