Mono ASP Range

Models: SMHP450, SMHP550, SMHP750, SMHP900

The Mono Agricultural Surface Pump (ASP) is a water transfer pump and has been designed to pump potable water from rivers, dams, ponds or tanks to a desired location.

The ASP has been design tested and proven in the field over a wide range of water pumping applications. It has been designed for maximum efficiency and reliability.

There are two main configurations in the ASP Range; the Motorotor or Bareshaft. 

Typical Applications

Tank filling, Dam water, Shallow wells, Domestic water supply, Small scale irrigation, Stock watering, Creek water, Surface water transfer, Sprinklers.

Features & Benefits::

  • Sand and silt tolerant
  • Easy priming
  • Long delivery
  • Consistent Flow vs Head
  • Shallow wells
  • Available in Petrol, Diesel and Electric